In a time now lost to memory, at the peak of the galleon trade, a vessel once plied the seas bringing the most exotic of herbs, spices, cutlery, textiles, opium and tobacco from the Middle East to the rest of the world. Its name was HUMA and its captain, a flamboyant and daring soul known only as Ibrahim.

Renowned for his charm and penchant for adventure, Ibrahim was the toast of the Middle East-Asia trade. His taste for the exotic and for works of fine craftsmanship helped him amass a collection of exquisite and rare treasures. But Ibrahim’s fame was not to last, for on a perilous voyage from India, laden with rare Italian wines, spices, herbs, and goods of luxury, the great galleon HUMA and its intrepid captain vanished, presumed lost to the cruel, unforgiving sea.

Some claim the ship capsized in a storm, others say it ran afoul of pirates, all hands lost. And yet, tales persisted of a shipwrecked traveler living alone on a remote Philippine island.  Legend says he was once a man of great means – a captain perhaps, or a successful merchant. Enchanted by the area’s natural beauty, it is said that he decided to forego the ways of the seafarer, settling instead for the simple life on the beach. Best accounts say that tribesmen from neighboring islands would visit, and the stranger would share his riches with them, including exotic treasures and great knowledge amassed from years of traveling the world. His place became a center of festive celebration and remained so, until the stranger’s passing. No clues remain to the man’s identity, save perhaps, for what the natives began calling the island – the name of a once mighty galleon.

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