Kapuruan Spa Massage. A skillful therapist gently strokes key pressure points of the body to relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Four Healing Hands. This body massage incorporates the synchronized skills of two therapists working together in rhythmic tandem to induce deep relaxation, clear the mind and ease muscle pain.

Traditional Hilot. A therapeutic massage used by Filipinos to heal their bodies of common ailments. This treatment is renowned for its invigorating, purifying, and tension-relieving characteristics as well as its capacity to improve respiration and sooth general aches and pains. A dagdagay foot therapy session completes the journey.

Fitness Massage. A unique combination of shiatsu, Thai massage and reflexology which involves stimulating blood circulation using trigger point therapy to break knots in the muscle, increase range of motion and strengthen the body’s vital energy.

Hampol Relief. Deep-pressured massage that uses a balm developed from local herbs that relieve muscle stiffness and aches within the body.

Feet Delight. This treatment provides physical renewal through applied pressure on various reflex points on the feet to stimulate corresponding organ groups in the upper body.

Scuba Soother. Specially designed for divers, this treatment uses the natural moisturizing properties of pure coconut oil to re-hydrate and nourish dry skin after exposure to sun and salt water.

Kapuruan Rescue. Focus massage relieves muscle tension in manipulating specific points to unblock energy channels thus restoring balance from within.

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