Huma Island Resort & Spa values guests’ privacy. In lieu of the data obtained in relation to the services provide by the resort either through this website of via direct contact, the resort reserves the right to use the guest’s personal information in the following ways in order to provide the services required:

  1. To process and confirm the guest’s room reservation requests and special services required during the guest’s stay;
  2. To contact the guests regarding the enquiries;
  3. For Marketing purposes, such as but not limited to sending resort updates and/or promotions
  4. For identification and verification purposes;
  5. For the resort’s reference and records; or
  6. When required or authorized by or under law to disclose such information.

The resort will not knowingly or intentionally use or share the guest’s personal information provided with third parties in ways unrelated to the purposes aforementioned.

Use of gadgets

The use of or flying of drones is prohibited within the resort premises. Permits would have to be secured from the Manila Headquarters prior guest’s arrival or upon reservation. The resort reserves the right to take action should there be any unauthorized unidentified flying object (Drone).

If you have any queries regarding Huma Island Resort & Spa’s Terms and Conditions, please contact or call +63 2 5530119.


Copyright 2016 Huma Island Resort & Spa

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