Vacationers know the quandary only too well: a remote island location may offer absolute peace and privacy, but it can also severely constrict one’s choices, particularly when it comes to the dining experience.  Some island resorts leave guests feeling helplessly “stranded”, captive to a limited menu and often exorbitant prices.

But imagine the freedom of sampling a truly world-spanning menu, even while on a tiny, remote pacific island. Superb wines from French vineyards. Fine cheeses from Australia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and England. Savory Middle Eastern flavors, traditional Asian cuisine, homey Italian favorites, and continental standards.

These are the flavors of Huma.

An Island of Choice

Built as a premium holiday destination for the discerning traveler, Huma Island Resort & Spa is a spectacular hideaway nestled in Busuanga, Palawan, in the Philippines. Surrounded by waters that harbor a vast array of colorful marine life and hide the mysterious sunken wrecks of dozens of Japanese warships and planes, the island may well be one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Unlike other island resorts, Huma is host to 8 themed gourmet dining stations that, together, offer a surprisingly global gastronomic experience. Exceptional Lebanese cuisine, the best of Italian dishes, impeccably fresh seafood, amazing Asian fare and more – all at price points comparable to fine dining establishments in the metropolis.

Varying Vistas

The views, like the menu, are a matter of personal preference. Huma’s gourmet restaurants are scattered throughout the island, offering guests many scenic options.

ON THE HARBOUR is a hut located just off the jetty, where the freshest catch of the day sizzles temptingly on the grill, and rich, luscious meats await the carving knife. For guests with a taste for delicious local seafood and sumptuous steaks, this is the place to go.

At the center of the resort is WAVES, so named because it is found poolside and with views of the ocean. Waves features outstanding international fare in a casual, family-friendly setting.

Right next door is the BLU BAR, which serves light snacks, bar chow, desserts and cocktails. A spectacular venue from sunset to star rise, the Blu Bar welcomes guests looking to lounge and wind down from a day’s worth of adventure.

A short walk away, tucked into a corner of the beach is the sand-floored RUDI’S. This intimate wine cellar is stocked with an array of old and new world wines and cheeses for the discriminating palate.

Cross over to the back of the island and you’ll find AL DENTE, a delightful fine dining restaurant serving Italian specialities. A more secluded venue, it sits at the end of a pathway jutting out into the sea. With its over-water setting and spectacular sunset views, this restaurant offers island guests a romantic, unparalleled al fresco dining experience.

Al Dente’s chef prepares dishes in a live open-theatre kitchen, and the sommelier complements the menu with an exquisite selection from the restaurant’s own temperature-controlled wine cellar. Guests are welcome to dine here as well, surrounded by racks of fine vintage.

Also in the rear of the island, but on the opposite corner of the resort is TAGAHUMA, a place for those craving authentic flavors of the orient. Tagahuma means “From the island of Huma”, and so the restaurant offers Filipino and Asian cuisine prepared according to the time-honored cooking traditions.

But of all the gourmet stations found on the island, none have a view quite like AL FAIRUZ.  Perched on a hill – the highest point of the resort – the restaurant affords diners an unhampered, awe-inspiring view of the neighboring isles. Al Fairuz serves guests a taste of exotic Middle Eastern flavors in the most idyllic tropical surroundings. An outdoor lounge affords al fresco dining, and a well-stocked shisha bar offers guests a relaxing smoke as they engage in conversation or enjoy the scenic tranquility.

If you’re a traveler with a true taste for adventure, come and experience the gastronomic delights of Huma.

Busuanga, Palawan is just an hour away from Manila by air, and is accessible daily via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific flights from Manila and Cebu. It is also accessible through Skyjet, which flies from Manila to Busuanga 4 times a week.

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