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I joined the Royal Marine Commandos at the age of 18, I enjoyed the challenge and the comradeship but after 4 years of service I decided that it was not the life for me.

Soon after leaving the forces I packed up my backpack and headed to Asia in search of adventure. What I found was the Ocean, its power limitless and its beauty awe inspiring I had found the ultimate partner in life to measure my character against.

From Asia I headed to Australia where I worked as a PADI dive master. Here I learned to sea kayak and embarked on a solo 750km expedition down the open ocean of the New south Wales Coast.

I followed this by sailing from New Zealand to Fiji and around the Pacific islands.

I had been freediving without any training for the last year and wanted to learn the techniques I needed to spend more time at depth and become more comfortable in the water so I headed to Dahab Egypt, the freediving Mecca.

I went to Dahab with the intention of enhancing my snorkelling ability’s, but I got so much more than that from freediving. I am no longer pitting myself against the ocean, now I am on a journey to become at one with the water. When freediving, the water becomes an extension of yourself. So to advance as a freediver you must be as much at peace with yourself as you are the water.

I have found freediving to be the purest form of unity between man and water and have decided to dedicate my life to bringing this beautiful sport into the lives of as many people as possible.

I take a huge amount of professional pride in my teaching and take great pleasure from moulding people into beautiful freedivers.

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