Harry Chamas – PADI Dive Master

Career Summary

Yoga and meditation training in Dharamsala, India (2014)

I underwent intensive yoga and meditation teacher training to allow me to pass the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years onto students. I have not only studied the physical side of yoga but also the philosophical side and have took part in 10 day silent meditation retreats which gives me a great overview and insight into the  system of yoga.

2 month kayak expedition in Vanuatu (2014)

My girlfriend Roxane and I planned and executed an unassisted expedition around some of the island of Vanuatu, we crossed from island to island trading for food along the way.  The people there live off the land and meat was hard to find so our only source of protein came from my spearfishing.  It was a honor to visit one of the only places on the planet yet untouched by tourism and to interact with such genuine people.

Freediving Instructor – Castaway Freedivers/DuckDive Freedivers (2012-2013)

  • Organize and run courses for students (maintaining personal standards)
  • Maintenance of marketing
  • Appointed health and safety officer
  • Maintain equipment
  • Organization of transportation and safety equipment to and from pre researched locations

To run a professional freediving school takes preparation and the ability to adapt to the local conditions.  I have taught in 4 different locations each requiring specific logistics to run a safe and professional course. I am fully aware of these freediving specific requirements and I know how to adapt to the many challenges the ocean has to offer.

Freedive training in Dahab, Egypt (2010-2011)

Dahab is freedivings strong hold,  It is the place where freediving first started to develop in popularity and depth records and is still THE place for euro’s top freedivers to train. I was lucky enough to spend a year training with these great athletes. Learning from so many people gave me a great awareness of the sport and a fountain of knowledge to draw upon which far exceeds what you can learn by simply doing a instructor course.

Yoga and Pranayama mediation training (2010-Date)

Meditation and present mindedness are keys to freediving along with awareness of your respiratory muscles and flexibility I have been teaching meditation as part of my courses and people find it a very useful tool not just for freediving but also in life.

Charity Kayak expedition (2010)

In 2010 I embarked on a 750km solo kayak expedition down the pacific coast of Australia with the aim of increasing my understanding of the ocean, raising money to build wells in Africa and to test my character, I achieved all of my goals and am confident in saying I am among the world’s top sea kayakers after paddling during a cyclone which lasted weeks.

PADI Dive Master in Byron Bay Australia (2009-2010)

I guided divers daily, working for one of Australia’s busiest dive centers.  The dive site often had visibility as low as 5m and high currents, it was a rock 3km out to sea so it was challenging to guide.  Diving in these conditions allowed me to become a confident guide and also to make my customers feel at ease despite the conditions.

Royal Marine Commando (2004-2008)

The British Commandos have the longest and hardest basic training in the world.  Completing this training has given me a confidence in my own physical abilities which is yet to be shaken.  Also living in such confined spaces with people has made me relaxed and slow to anger. Team work and leadership has become second nature to me.  The Commandos also promote independent thought and problem solving which is something that has served me well threw out my life.

What is freediving?

To freedive is to spend time in the underwater world while holding your breath.  It gives you the freedom to dive down and really experience the underwater world in a 3D environment.  For me, it is the feeling of flying like an eagle, just like an eagle soars up in the sky, I breathe up on the surface. If the eagle sees something and wants a closer look, he tucks in his wings and dives down to inspect the curiosity. It is no different for a freediver, being on the surface gives you the bird’s eye view scuba divers don’t have, which makes it a lot easier to spot any interesting marine life and dive down to investigate. Its simplicity is its beauty.

Can I learn to freedive?

Anyone can learn to freedive. If all you are looking for is to be able to spend time below the water whilst interacting with the fish, then you really don’t need to be in top physical condition.  I have taught all kinds of people to enjoy the underwater world.

Most people think that because they randomly try to hold their breath and only last 20 or 30 seconds that they will never be able to freedive. If you are one of those people don’t worry.  During my courses you will learn special breathing and relaxation techniques that will put your mind and body into “Freediving mode”. After which, those same people will hold their breath for over 2 minutes.

There are a lot of aspects that make a good freediver and during each course I will continually coach you into becoming the best freediver you can be.

Soon you will be able to freedive alongside turtles or glide into the beautiful blue depths of the ocean for the price of a breath of air.

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