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Experience the thrill of diving and the wreck sites that Huma Island resort & Spa services, from shallow reefs to advance wreck diving. The major attraction are the historical WWII wrecks in Coron like the famous Irako and Okikawa Maru covered with exquisite corals inhabited by various species of snappers, bat fish, groupers and other marine life.

The Kogyo Maru
Located N 11*58. 782′ E 120*02. 413′, was a Japanese freighter carrying construction materials for building a runway for the Japanese war effort in the Pacific. The ship was 6353 tons, 129 mts long, and 18 mts wide. Maximum depth: 34 m, average 24-26, recommended certification level is Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck Diver Specialty.

A Japanese Seaplane Tender 118 m long located between Culion & Busuanga Islands, near Manglet Island. N 11*59. 218′, E 119*58. 417′. The ship displaced 4724 tons, had a length of 118 metres and was 15.7 metres wide. Maximum depth is 35 or 36 meters, average depth about 26 to 28 meters, and recommended certification level is Advanced Open water Diver. For penetration: PADI Wreck Diver specialty.

Okikawa Maru
A Japanese tanker, 168 m long, located at Busuanga Island, 2 miles south of Conception N 12*.01. 128′, E 119*.58. 176′. In length, width, and volume the largest of the Coron wrecks. At this depth you may be able to make an hour-long dive. Max depth is 26 meters on the bottom, 10 to 16 meters on the deck. Recommended certification level: Diving outside the deck without a current. Open Water Diver, Diving with a current. Advanced Open Water Diver, Diving with a strong current. Experienced Advanced Open Water Diver, Penetration dive. Wreck Diver Specialty.

A Japanese refrigeration ship located at the mouth of Coron Bay. N 11*58. 059′, E 120*02. 412′. Probably the best wreck dive in the Philippines. The Irako is quite intact and because of the good visibility you know you are on a big shipwreck. Max depth is 43 meters on the bottom, deck level at 28 to 35 meters. Recommended certification level is Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver Specialty, Wreck Diver Specialty.

Olympia Maru (East Tangat)
A Japanese Freighter sitting upright in approximately 30 meters of water and located very close to Tangat Island in Coron Bay. N11*58. 291′, E 120*03. 707’S. The Olympia Maru was 122 metres long and almost 17 metres wide, displacing 5612 tons. A very good dive spot with a variety of marine life. Large shoals of banana fish, giant bat fish and giant puffer fish, especially around the mast, bow and stern. There are also specimen crocodile fish and scorpion fish so be careful where you put your hands. Max depth is 28-30 meters, deck level 18-24 meters. Recommended certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck Diver Specialty.

East Tangat Gunboat (New Olympia)
This ship was a small gunboat or submarine hunter 40 meters long. The wreck can be found inclined on the coral reef on the east side of Tangat Island. This dive site is good for wreck diving beginners and underwater photographers. It is also a lovely dive between deeper wreck sites. The wreck starts at only 3 meters down so even snorkelers can see the shape and explore the bow of the ship. Maximum depth is 22 meters. Recommended certification level: Skin Diver, Open Water Diver.

Lusong Gunboat
This wreck was also a gunboat or submarine hunter. The stern breaks the surface at low tide. Location: In front of the east side of Lusong Island. N 11*58. 260′, E 120*01.447′. This wreck is great for snorkeling. It is nicely covered with hard corals and offers a nice variety of fish life. There are good opportunities for wreck dive photographers. The dive is good as a “dive between dives.” Maximum depth is 11 meters. Recommended certification level: Skin Diver, Open Water Diver.

Nanshin-Maru tanker
The so-called “Black Island Wreck” (Civilian tanker / 834 gt.)  can be easily identified as a small tanker converted to carry specific fuel (gasoline, diesel, lube oil etc.) in small isolated tanks for replenishment of land-based depots. The ship is approximately 50 meters long sitting upright on a sandy bottom close to Black Island Beach in front of the stranded vessel. This dive site is perfect for beginner wreck divers and underwater photographers. It is a beautiful dive in clear water. You can see plenty of scorpion fish, lion fish, trumpet fish, groupers, and bat fish. Maximum depth is 32 meters. The wreck starts in 21-meter deep water. Recommended certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck Diver Specialty.

Huma Island Plane Wreck
This World War II war plane wreck is about 10 meters long, located just 300 meters from the shoreline of Huma Island Resort & Spa. No current was observed in this area and visibility is about 10-20 meters.

Beautiful soft corals are abundant in this area which looks like a flower garden underneath. The site is close to Huma Island’s Al Dente Italian Restaurant heading to the 42 series water villas and with 10-20 meters visibility.


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