Welcome to one of Southeast Asia’s last frontiers – the exotic, exciting tropical paradise of Palawan in the Philippines. Consisting of more than 1,000 islands strung out in a chain between the China and Sulu Seas, Palawan is a showcase of unspoiled natural beauty and some of the best beaches on earth. A tiny pendant on this magnificent chain is an island called Huma, a premium luxury hideaway that offers the discerning traveler a personalized experience of exploration and discovery.

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"True to their tagline: HUMAzing Island!!! :)"
4/5 Reviewed 4 weeks ago

My husband and I travel a lot and I must say, our stay in Huma Island is on top. They don’t just make you feel special, you leave the island feeling VERY SPECIAL!! It’s the HUMAzing touch.

London, United Kingdom
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Things to do

  • Fitness Center

    The resort has various fitness facilities including an infinity pool, children’s pool, fitness centre jogging tracks and walking trails.

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  • Water Sports & Activities

    Experience this breathtaking island through a multitude of water sports and activities such as jet skiing, snorkeling, rock climbing, archery, and kayaking.

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  • Excursions

    At Huma Island, adventure is all around. Many points of interest await the intrepid explorer.

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